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  • Wizards Against Lizards Online Games are between 80 and 105 minutes long​ (depending on the speed of your team!) Average time is 90 minutes.

  • You can book a game for 1 team - escape room style - or for multiple teams playing simultaneously. We recommend 4 - 6 players per team.


  • Games are conducted via Zoom which is free to install and download. Our tech wizards will be available to assist throughout the campaign

  • WALRIA Agents are advised to take part on a desktop/laptop to enjoy the fullest experience. Agents are fine to share laptops​,

  • We welcome agents of ages, but there are some slightly spooky moments. Teams require at least one 18+ member

  • Yes, a birthday is the perfect time to go Lizard hunting!​​

  • If you have other questions before you book, please contact us and we'll be in touch

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